Sergi Xaudiera

Notes from 'How to Start a Startup'

Originally published 25 February 2015 by Sergi Xaudiera

Theses are my notes from How to Start a Startup course. I would recommend this course to every person on earth who has to take decisions about a team or product. I found usefull insights that work on my daily tasks beyond creating a company.

How to Start a Startup

1. & 2. How to Start a startup

Problem –> Startup

1. Idea

2. Product

3. Team

4. Execution

## 3. Before the startup

4. Building producte, talking to users, and growing

## 5. Competition is for losers.

6. Growth

7. How to build products users love

8. How to get started, doing things that don’t scale

1- Test your hypothesis. 2- Laucnh fast. 3- Do things that don’t scale.

8.B. Press

9. How to raise money

10. Culture

11. Hiring and Culture (II)

12. Building for the enterprise

13. How to be a great founder

14. How to operate

15. How to manage

16. How to run a user interview

17. How to design hardware products.

19. Sales and Marketing

19.B. How to talk to investors

Before the meeting:

30 second pitch

1- What does your company do? 2- How big is the market? 3- How much traction do you have? (launched, sales, revenue, users).

2 minuts pitch

1- Clear 30 second pitch. 2- Unique insight. Competitive advantge (“Aha moment”. What the biggest players on market don’t understand). 3- How you make money (ads, direct, freemium, …). 4- Team If you have made something tell it “we founded paypal”. How long you met, and when/how full-time job. 5- The big ask $$$. How much do you need? For doing what?

During the meeting

Avoid common mistakes

Hallmarks of a good pitch

After the meeting

Later-stage advice.

Failure cases


Stock and vesting

Company productivity

Marketing and PR


Go meet the people/users.