Sergi Xaudiera

Euroleague Final Four 2013 on Twitter

Originally published 04 June 2013 by Sergi Xaudiera

We love sports, we love basketball and we love Twitter. Last month (10-12th May) we could see the most awesome European basketball, for the second year in a row Olympiakos won the Euroleague Final Four 2013.

During these days we collected the Euroleague related Twitter streams. We had more than 512,000 tweets. Due to Twitter api restrictions we missed 315,972 tweets, but we can still do some pretty nice work.

First of all we plot the Twitter stream to see how tweet/minute ratio was changing over the days. As there are several time zones in Europe, we put all the plots in the same time zone (+0000) to make it easier to transform for each country.

Twitter stream

First graph is a summary of all three days. Obviously prime time is time where the games were played, between 6pm and 10pm.

% Summary

Let’’s start watching stats for every single day.

Friday 10th May, semi-finals were played. Tweet/minute high 1500 over the first game, Olympiakos - CSKA Moscow. For the second game **FC Barcelona - Real Madrid the top minute was tweeted around 1400 times.

% Euroleague 2013 - 10 May- Tweets per minute

On Saturday there were not games. So the twitter volume decrease. Biggest minute of the day was far from the previous day, and it was just 150.

% Euroleague 2013 - 11 May- Tweets per minute

And finally the Euroleague final day, Olympiakos and Real Madrid played one of the most exciting finals. The game was incredibly exciting, and the greeks finally made the back-to-back. At the peak moment it was UPPER 2600 TWEETS/MINUTE, probably much more, but again, twitter api restrictions made us miss some tweets.

% Euroleague 2013 - 12 May- Tweets per minute

Sweet hangover for Euroleague. For the day after the final there were still a huge volume of tweets published.

% Euroleague 2013 - 13 May- Tweets per minute

Source of the tweets

One of the interesting things we can get from the collected tweets. Note for each tweet we have data about the publisher and how long the tweet traveled.

For example we can see the source. We detected more than 1,569 different sources. Most of the tweets were published via official Twitter website and official apps. Most of the fans tweet from their mobile devices.

% Euroleague 2013 - Tweets source