Sergi Xaudiera

Kevin Durant the most influential NBA player on Twitter

Originally published 30 October 2012 by Sergi Xaudiera

% NBA players network on Twitter

Since 2011 we are collecting data related to sports actors and how they act on social media. In our very first experiment we have been visualized NBA players on Twitter network. This graph shows how players follow each other in the microblogging space. This type of visualization allows to quickly see how they’re distributed, allowing to design valuable strategies for spreading messages according to their influence.

In this case there are four communities inside the network: (Dark Blue, Blue, Yellow and Pink). Every node is a player and relations are represented by edges. We are working on a full report that will be avaible on Meanwhile these are some of the insights from the graph:

Top 20 NBA players on Twitter by influence (july 2012)

1 Kevin Durant
2 Shaquille O’Neal
3 Lebron James
4 Chris Paul
5 Baron Davis
6 Dwyane Wade
7 Steve Nash
8 John Wall
9 Dwight Howard
10 Carmelo Anthony
11 Derek Fisher
12 Jalen Rose
13 Blake Griffin
14 Nate Robinson
15 Rudy Gay
16 Russell Westbrook
17 Magic Johnson
18 Jared Dudley
19 Jamal Crawford
20 Stephen Curry