Sergi Xaudiera

FC Barcelona network on Twitter

Originally published 27 November 2012 by Sergi Xaudiera

So, in a previous post we had a look at how the NBA players follow each other in Twitter so, we decided to do the same experiment with a smaller dataset, so we choose FC Barcelona. The network is far cleaner and we can see some interesting groups!

% FC Barcelona players on Twitter network

As you can see it’s really easy to see the 3 different groups. One being The current team (red) another being the new players from “La Masia” (pink) and previous players (blue). Special mention that small cluster on the left of the image with the brazilian players.

Spain national football team network

As a bonus track this is the network of the Spain, we’ll let you figure out the two different groups ;)

% Spain football players on Twitter network

Oh, a small disclaimer, the data is quite old.  But we don’t expect to change much in 3 months. Btw, let us know if you are interested in any team or competition.

We’ve got them all ;)